Tuesday 14 January 2014

Helpful driver inadvertantly causes passenger to meltdown

Date: Monday 13-January-2014
Type: MAN 18.310 (CNG)
Bus: 1480 Willawong
Route: 162 Outbound
SDT: 16:54
ADT: 16:59
Journey: Thankfully this bus was five minutes late as I arrived at the stop at 16:57 expecting to wait for the next service at 17:06 but was able to get onto this one (also scored the front seat again)

We traveled from the Queen St stop via the Alice St stop to Garden City without issue.  At Garden City we stopped for the usual offload of passengers and some more queued to get on for the remainder of the journey to Eight Mile Plains.

For this story we will see the Driver (D) and the Passengers (P1 etc)
P1 was a male, P2 was a female, blond hair early to mid 20's I'd guess, P3 was an older gentleman, I'd guess early 60s & P3 was another young lady also with blond hair with a toddler in a pushchair also probably mid 20s

P1: (got on, tagged on, found a seat)
P2: Do you know anything about the 161
D: Well one just went the other way (we passed a 161 just as we entered the GC Busway blank running towards the city)
P2: Yeah I know
D: The 161 leaves from up the top not down here
P2: Oh (walked off then let out an almighty scream of anger/frustration causing the entire bus and platform to look at her - I didn't see her but she may have also lashed out)
D: ....!!!.......
P3: I'm trying to get to the corner of Mains Rd and Kessels Rd
D: Ah ... you want the 136 ........ you can catch it from this platform here
P3: thank you (wandered off)
P4: Do you go to Holland Park Busway Station
D: No I only go to the next stop thats where I finish
P4: Oh ok
D: you need to head over the otherside to that platform and then catch the 111
P4: oh thanks (heads off, then we left)

So we had a very knowledgeable driver who was very helpful to the passengers but inadvertently caused the first girl to have a minor meltdown on the platform startling all around her

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