Monday 13 January 2014

3yo comes out on 111

Date: Thursday 9-January-2014
Type: Volvo B12BLE
Bus: 5111 Sherwood
Route: 111 Outbound
SDT: 17:12
ADT: 17:12
Journey: Bus left Roma St busway station on time, I managed to score the front seat.  The 17:07 111 was late and left Roma St at 17:10 just as I arrived on the platform.  We caught it up at King George Square Busway station.  We waited at the platform for a while before heading off.  One of the passengers who got on at KGS was a mother with a pram, she was in business clothes so the kid in the pram was obviously at day care in the city while she worked.  Kid would've been 2-3, little blond haired boy.
I wasn't paying much attention to them until we were waiting in the QSBS traffic and I overheard this conversation.
Mother: (slightly loudly) Lucy? Who is Lucy?
Kid: No Mummy not Lucy.  
K: I like boys, I like Darcy.
M: ...
K: ...
M: So what do you want for dinner...

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